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The Yarmouth Ice Club Skaters Fund

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The Yarmouth Ice Club Skaters Fund was established in 2005 when Phoebe Weston, a Yarmouth Ice Club founding member, suddenly passed away. The mother of Wendy Weston Enzmann, an eleven time national and international competitor in singles, pairs and synchro, Phoebe understood the enormous cost for a family that wants its child to reach his or her highest potential.

Phoebe had always hoped the Yarmouth Ice Club would set up a fund to assist members who might need financial help to reach their skating goals. Upon her passing, the Weston family established the Yarmouth Ice Club Skaters Fund. Since that time, the fund has accepted donations and raised additional funds to replenish the endowment for our Yarmouth Ice Club family. In 2014, the Yarmouth Ice Club Board of Directors voted unanimously to contribute 10% of all club income from our skating events to the Skaters Fund and recently donated just over $11,000 from the TOI National Competition revenue. 

Skaters from the Club are welcome to apply for scholarships, grants, or loans to help offset the rising cost of their skating costs, team participation or memberships. Our club teams are also welcome to apply for help covering some of the extra expenses incurred during the competitive season. Please contact Carolyn Pierce at for more information.

Skaters Fund Application