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The Bog Arena, 188 Summer Street, Kingston, MA
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Spotlights On Ice

Spotlights On Ice (SOI) first debuted in May 2014, and was the idea of longtime Yarmouth Ice Club member Carolyn Pierce, a Theatre on Ice (TOI) and Showcase enthusiast and official. With the growing popularity of TOI across the United States and Europe (where it is referred to as Ballet On Ice), Carolyn wanted to establish a competitive theatrical skating event in New England that would provide a platform for TOI teams to compete against each another and receive performance critiques before the annual Theatre On Ice National Championships in June.

Although SOI did offer both showcase and TOI in its first year, due to the growing popularity of Theatre on Ice, SOI has since adapted to the needs of its attendees and now solely offers Theatre on Ice.

Contact Kara Moss at if you have any questions.

The 2018 Spotlights on Ice Theatrical Skating Challenge will be held at the Bog Arena on Saturday, May 12, 2018.