Yarmouth Ice Club
The Bog Arena, 188 Summer Street, Kingston, MA



Amanda DeAguila is a United States Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist who has over a decade of experience instructing competitive and recreational skaters. Her fortes of instruction consist of Free Skating, Moves in the Field, Choreography, Theatre on Ice, Ballet, Modern Dance, Plyometrics, and Off Ice Cross Training. Amanda finds the most rewarding aspect of coaching to be helping her students set and achieve their goals.

She was a Competitive Figure Skater for 10 years and trained in Classic Ballet, Jazz, and Modern Dance for 16 years. Her background in choreography and love for performance was fostered by her mentors; Olympian and choreographer Sheryl Franks, “The Next Ice Age”, A Dance Company on Ice founder and choreographer Nathan Birch, and Broadway Performer and Choreographer Mary Wanamaker. She also trained under the instruction of World and Olympic competitor Konstantin Kostin.

Amanda is the Director and Founder of the Yarmouth Ice Theatre Company. During the 2012-2013 Theatre on Ice Season her Open Category Theatre on Ice Team placed 2nd at the National Championships in Dayton, Ohio. In 2015 the Yarmouth Ice Theatre Company Adult Team, which Amanda coached and skated on, placed 3rd at Nationals in Hyannis, Ma.

Coaching Experience:

  • Completed her Basic Accreditation, 2012
  • Master Rated in Sports Science and Medicine, 2014
  • Achieved Level III Ranking from the Professional Skaters Association which
  • acknowledges the accomplishments of PSA coaches based on the performance of
  • their skaters.
  • Well versed in the 6.0 and the International Judging System

Amanda DeAguila can be reached at 617-910-6837 or